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For us, sustainability includes not only an environmental responsibility, but also an ethical one.

good for communities

For this concept, we have collaborated with renowned perfumers from two leading fragrance houses and developed formulas that each contain a natural Hero ingredient that is sustainably sourced and whose cultivation supports the local people of the respective country. For example, through fair payment, the development of schools, the provision of health care, but also through a more responsible approach to nature.

Sustainable raw material extraction

Vetiver oil


The sustainability programme provides better access to health care, education and training for farmers and their families, as well as community support.

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Rose damascene oil


Responsible, ecologically sustainable agriculture at fair incomes that are above average for the region.

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Jasmine absolut extract


Responsible, ecologically sustainable agriculture at fair incomes that are above average for the region.

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Bergamot Essence


Responsible cultivation and sustainable harvesting, preservation of the diversity of Italian citrus fruits and traditional processes, certified origin.

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Committed to climate protection

Despite a reduced packaging concept, it is unfortunately not yet possible to avoid all greenhouse gas emissions generated during production. Therefore, we voluntarily offset our remaining CO2 footprint by supporting climate protection projects that fit our “pure” spirit and efforts to avoid plastic: For example, together with ClimatePartner, we support an “ocean protection project” with the Plastic Bank organisation. In addition, we support the WWF in an important model project against the plastic flood.

good for the planet


Stop the plastic flood with WWF

Stop the plastic flood, Southeast Asia

Our oceans are sinking in plastic! Today, hundreds of thousands of pieces of plastic waste float in every square kilometre of the oceans, claiming the lives of tens of thousands of animals every year. With the idea of counteracting the flood of plastic in the oceans and promoting clean water for people and the environment, we support an important model project of the nature conservation organisation WWF with hej:pure. Through our donation, we are helping to combat the causes of plastic waste. By promoting recycling infrastructures in Southeast Asia, the WWF is specifically working to protect the world’s oceans. Education campaigns for the local population, workshops and training courses ensure greater environmental awareness. In this way, the avoidance of single-use plastic through tourism, the reduction of plastic waste in marine-protected areas as well as the establishment of waste management systems are being promoted.

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Marine protection with Climate Partner

Combinated Project, marine protection, Plastic Bank

Over 8 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the sea every year. Especially in developing countries, the infrastructure for proper disposal is often lacking. This project ensures that less plastic ends up in the sea and is recycled instead by involving the community. In Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines, local residents collect plastic waste from beaches and have the opportunity to exchange this ocean plastic at collection points for money, food, drinking water or school fees.

Clean drinking water with Climate Partner

Clean drinking water, Uganda

The drinking water project, also carried out with ClimatePartner, distributes ceramic water filters to low-income families in Uganda. The ceramic filters remove 99.9 per cent of bacteria and thus prevent serious diseases. In this way, the project protects both the health of the people, who otherwise have no access to clean drinking water, as well as the environment: in order to make the available water potable, many families see no other option than to boil it. This produces large CO2 emissions and, depending on the region, ever larger areas are being deforested for the firewood or charcoal needed for boiling.

Project standard

Gold Standard VER (GS VER)



Clean drinking water




Spouts, Uganda


CO2 compensation hej:pure

11.250 kg CO2


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Gold Standard


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